Seeing more and more fully remote Dev jobs and I love it!

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    I'm also seeing the average salary drop though...
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    We finally made it! Working away from the office!

    We also cut our salary, but who the fuck cares as long as we can live with it?
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    The salary will go back up :3 but the remote is to stay
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    I mean, transport costed me £250 per month to the office, I'd take the paycut for those savings anyday lol
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    @ZioCain I can't live with it. I won't live with it.

    I won't lose $20-40k a year because it's a "remote" job.

    If anything, I should be getting paid more. I'm taking all the risk. I have to provide:

    - a work environment
    - IT support
    - office utilities (electric/gas, internet)
    - office tools (paper, printer, scanner, fax)

    Just in 2021 alone my power bill was $200 extra a month. That's due to running the heating/cooling more because we're home 24/7 now.

    Grocery costs were up an additional $200 a month due to being home all day.

    I get zero benefits from the office while working from home other than the obvious, working from home.

    I digress. These fuck-sticks are going to try to weasel their way out of trying to pay us what we're worth. Don't let them.

    United we stand, divided we beg.
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    Applying for a 100% remote job atm. Really exciting :)
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    @sariel who the hell uses paper/printer/scanner/fax regularly these days? And did you get free lunches at the office? In my case the money spent on food dropped dramatically since I no longer eat lunch at work.
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    @electrineer just because you aren't required doesn't mean others aren't.

    And yes, free lunches.

    Regardless, there's a cost associated to working from home and a savings for companies with remote positions.
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    @sariel the big savings come into play if you can choose to live in a cheaper area no one wants to live in because there are no jobs around.
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    @electrineer that's the standard cost of living that's always been factored into salary negotiations.

    Just because a dev in San Frantokyo can make $275k doesn't mean the dev working remote in Omaha is going to get paid that.

    In my area, positions were around the national average. Now they are $20-40k less than they were a year ago. Do you think the executives took a pay cut?

    No, they got raises.
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    For all the shit COVID caused, this was a good thing.
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