I need to help out my manager to interview angular developer candidate which I don't have any experience on Angular development. I was darn nervous interviewing those people, relying on some reading on angular documentation, articles and tutorials but after few interviews. I manage to get into the momentum to conduct interview smoothly.

After two weeks of doing it, now I'm kinda understand Angular thanks to some great candidate explaining those concept clearly ( hope you get hired on the next round of interview).

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    Outstanding, sounds like you nailed it! I had the exact same thing happen to me, approached it the same way, and had great results too. If you’re a developer, you’ll have a good feel for if the candidate has the drive, experience, and curiosity to work in our field.
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    @fiftyhz yeah, I'm more experience on react js development, so I rely more on my instinct to gauge how hands on their technical based on their explanation. Cheers to you, now I know I'm not only the one who are experiencing this. = )
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