best/worst experience with a language you're not familiar with.

also, most hated language you had to work with

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    At my first job my boss ask me to create a macro for excel. First and last time i coded in VBA. And you ?
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    Most hated: Java, fuck that
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    Had to make an iPhone app with it for a class but had no prior knowledge and wasn't actually taught any of it, just given a book and a vague project description.
    Made a post about it before for the college experience week or whatever.
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    Expect. Craptastic lingo.
    Best (and surprising) JS in nodeJS
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    For a school assignment I had to choose a company to go and job shadow a certain person in a certain position.i went to a SAP development company.writing Abap(a SAP development business programming language ) was the worst experience in my life.sad thing is my uncle who works there keeps on bothering me about how well paid SAP developers and consultants are and that that's where I should aim to be.
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    Data structures/stores should not be used for programming.
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    Java, it's a piece of shit. Golden C#
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    Ah man. I didn't notice. But you gonna start flame wars by such question. 😂😂😂😂😂
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    love it!
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    best: APL. Had no idea how it works; won cash price at an APL competition first time using the language for real
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