I am genuinely curious, to those still building SOAP based APIs in 2022, why??

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    Because the vendor is from the Stone Age and doesn't know wtf a rest api is.

    Plus, using an XSD for validating api data isn't a bad thing.
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    Jolly torturing of devs, why else?
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    envelope signature could be one of the reasons IMO
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    Because one of our clients has one old guy writing all of their APIs and only ever learnt SOAP and insists that it’s the only way they can write an API.
    It makes me sad every time I see it.

    Although I think there is an argument for using it in a few scenarios. Not in our case though.
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    Because the api standard for connecting brokers to insurance company systems for our country defines SOAP.
    And our team is tasked to write an service to provide such an endpoint and connect it to our internal system.
    Also, that standard has errors and inconsistencies.
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    SOAP itself isn't actually that terrible.

    the problem is the people usually using SOAP, because most of the time, _they're_ terrible. and they would make terrible APIs with REST, GraphQL, or any other paradigm/technology.
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    Upnp has is the only api my router understands.
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    I would say Dove maybe?

    They could build a soap API.

    GET /ingredients

    ["aqua", "stearic acid", "lauric acid", "sodium palmate", ...]
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    The reason is nostalgia. I really want to build something on PHP 5.4 and Apache in 2022, just because it brings me back in time when I was a student, the world was simpler, there was no war between my country and Ukraine, and I actually remembered what an integral equation is and how to solve them.
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    @bittersweet this is another example where HTTP 418 is a valid response
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