Just did my first interview after a while. And to say I fucked up is a gross understatement.

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    How so?
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    That's what my thought and then few days later he got the offer
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    Fwiw, I value the interviews I fuck up a lot more than the ones I pass. They show me what else is there for me to learn. What other interesting topics should I dig into. What other solutions companies have to make things work. And a lot more.

    If you didn't fail, you'd still live in the same boring bubble believing you're an ace dev, when in reality you're just an ace in your company's or even your project's context, considering only a particular set of skills.

    In other words, this interview allowed you to discover unknown unknowns and make them known unknowns. Now you have a thread. Follow it.
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    Behold, a learning opportunity!
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