Hello there! I’m back from the /dev/null to rant about how my teacher marked the “the new C# syntax” as a mistake.

I’m really sorry, but this “new feature” is a thing since 2015 - back then, iPhone 6s got released, Barack Obama was still the US president and the only Corona people cared about was the beer.

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    This is such a fucking bullshit, I bet there are kids programming in C# that are younger than that feature.
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    But it doesn't comply with his ancient text file that is the only right source of information.
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    Hit him with the bang bang operator and see what he thinks
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    How can they mark it as a mistake if it compiles? Or do they still review code on paper these days?
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    @platypus No, we’re using a thing called CodeGrade. Funny thing is, in order for the manual check to proceed, CodeGrade first compile, runs the code and performs an automatic check.

    I absolutely don’t get why would using a “new syntax” be considered a failure.
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    I assume CodeGrade is out of date then. Not that I have any knowledge of the tool at all.

    Are universities just run by automated tools these days?

    Ah…the days when you could just copy a para from some obscure book in the library.
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    @athlon one consideration we have for new syntax features is not all our team are on the latest version of Visual Studio (we tend to have some on current version and rest on previous unless).

    If I start randomly adding C# 10 features, more than half the dev team cannot work on the project.

    If we find a feature is too good to miss we ensure all developers at least SxS the latest version.
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    @kwilliams but it’s C# 6.0 feature, which came out 7 years ago.

    I bet there are children at this point, which know bits of C# and are younger than that feature.
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