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    You still don't git it, do you...
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    You added the wrong tag. Lol
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    @Cyanite noooooo and I even clicked the tag popup thingy :(
    I guess that's another bad practice, not having my morning coffee before doing anything
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    @ikwilkoffie Since you tagged wk7, "What's your worst interview experience?"
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    @Cyanite ooh boy that's a tough one.
    I guess it wasn't the interview itself but the aftermath. I applied for a supermarket job and I had the "interview" together with 30 other people. When the interview was done they told us we had to call them to know if we got the job or not.
    But apparently they gave us the wrong number and when I called I got some very angry lady on the phone who started yelling and cursing at me because she thought it was some kind of prank or something because she already got called 15 or so times.
    It took me another 15 min to calm her down and explain what probably happened. But in the end I got the job so I guess that's a good haha
    How about you?
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    @ikwilkoffie you ftp uploader you :p
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    What are alternatives to ftp uploading?
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    @Divisionbyzero my thoughts too
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    @Divisionbyzero @core maybe I should have said deployment because ftp is generally seen as bad practice for deployment and git or svn as a good practice
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    @ikwilkoffie okay, thanks I didn't know. I will read about this.
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