Scrum Master: Let's estimate the task. Chose your estimations individually, then we will reveal at the same time and discuss
- variety of votes, ranging from 1 to 8
Product Owner: I don't agree, this should be a 1 or 2.
Dev Team Lead: Agreed, this is why I chose 2. Let's vote again.
- All votes now are 1s or 2s

Good fucking job 🤨

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    Our SM always asked the lowest and heighest voting person to explain their position in these situations
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    So no discussion about it?
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    Product owner should not vote. If the cost of a story is too high, well, tough luck. They can still decide to not add in the sprint.

    They should also not lead in with loaded statements like "let's estimate this easy story".

    And oh: If I vote high and another one votes very low my go-to-statement is: "You got the job."

    But beyond the ranting: A team should argue about the disparity of estimates. As that may lead to clarify one's assumption. One should come to the same number after multiple rounds of voting, but not like this. If one cannot find a common ground, a spike meeting may be a good idea to delve deeper in order to make a more informed estimation.
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    At the end, the score doesn't matter - it will still be done when it is done.

    So let them have their "it is done in two days", if they insist. It will still be done in a week or later.

    Maybe they will learn, maybe not. Doesn't matter for the dev.
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    “I’ll vote whatever is needed to get out of this fucking meeting.”
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    The pointing poker thing is total BS
    Complexity depends on programmer and we each do niche stuff …points aren’t fungible..I’ve never come across a team where this isn’t the case…I mean seriously what a load of agile ARSE!!!!
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    @jazznoodler imagine you take your car to the mechanic and ask the owner "when can I come to pick it up?" (so you can plan your life without a car for X weeks). They reply "I can't tell you right now, it will depend on the skills of the employee that will work on your car."

    How would feel as a customer?

    Clients don't care how your team estimate work, but finding your way around those uncertainties and coming up with at least a range of dates is definitely part your team's job.
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    Ok so we don’t bother with Pointing Poker cos it’s a waste of time. The Team never provide the estimate…individuals do ..the idea that points are comparable is not realistic
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    @jazznoodler on that, 100% agreed.

    Even the "creator" of story points share this thinking: https://ronjeffries.com/articles/...
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    Ok Ron Jeffries (not to be confused with Ron Jeremy) makes sense ;)
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