If (condition)
return true
return false

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    I do not see a problem here.
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    @Cyanite It's better to use this:
    return condition
    than that longer version.
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    @Csaki Ohhhhhhh.... I see now.
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    Im so guilty of this
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    But why?
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    If you want to return a Boolean and the condition might return 0, this is actually useful. But I think this is mainly a PHP use-case...
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    how about this:

    int result = foo();
    if result

    /** i changed to this **/

    foo() && bar() || fubar(); // oh no that's too complicated

    foo() ? bar() : fubar(); // that's ugly

    ... these people deserve death by a thousand cuts
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    In JS, return !!condition; works like a clock
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    I see this soon many times :'(
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    It's better
    return condition == true
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    Behold! The best option that exists:

    if (condition != true)
    return !condition;
    else if (!condition == false)
    return !condition;

    Truth table:

    Condition Output
    false | true
    true | false
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    you could as well use ternary operator in c++ as:

    return (value == true ? true : false)

    this would be more efficient code :D
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    runs away 😲
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    Return condition;

    or at least

    If (condition)
    Return true
    Return false
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    I mean. I see it, then I don't see it.
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    @cankarales Thank you!
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    @apex IT BURNS!!!!
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    return condition ? true : false;
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    Sure, didn't say it's the best or most elegant way to do it. Just wanted to point out that it might actually make sense depending on language and context
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    @pttsky just saw this rant I was going to point it out if u didn't. Use it all the time. Love how terse it is.
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    return !!(condition)
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