Preface: My company took over another company. A week ago I inherited their IT.

"IT" !!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!

Their server stood at an ex employees homeoffice. So I drove to her and she had 0 idea about IT. Server was just "Running". I tore that fuck down and saw an aweful lot of Hentai in all home folders.


Not enough, their crm was a makroinfested access table. Shit was protected so I couldn't even edit the makros. The retarded fucktards hardcoded paths to serverside folder \\fuck\you\hard\cavetroll

Just so that server will never see the light of my domain! Damn you? Mothership of sisterfucking dickgirls!

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    What about dickgirls? <~<
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    Did you atleast check out the hentai? ;D
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    @Cyanite yeah 50gb in comics. Just flew over it. Got my boss before someone thought I was doing nswf stuff and trashed it
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    @Data-Bound Shame.. Should of DropBox'd that shit XDD
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    Plot twist; Company owns another company that distributes hentai

    (waits eagerly for confirmation)
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    It is not gay because she got a feminine dick
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    @Data-Bound this as absolutely what I don't like to see on devrant. This is not a place for personal attacks on fellow devranters, only for venting about the non-devrant idiots
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    @DeveloperACE hey watch vzrr's comment he provoked him.
    P.s I don't like this on devrant either @data you should have not responded to a stupid comment
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    @rehman @vzrr is included in that. We shouldn't be infighting here. This is where we come together to vent about others so we don't fight anyone. We should just acknowledge that everyone has different opinions and move on.
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    @Linux still hit it. 😊
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