So after you fucked your Ubuntu installation last year because you decided to `chmod -R 777 /` you are telling me that you did the same to /home and /var/lib because the former intern "told you so"?!?!

How can someone be SO FUCKING STUPID??
My boss ladies and gentleman...

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    damn he really did this and even he is your boss ?
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    @Haxk20 yep... He is a nice guy, but fuck me he is stupid with tech damn....
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    @azous yeah know a lot of people like this they are nice to talk to but when they do something with tech they most of the time call me to fix it but I mostly like to tell sometimes "fuck no I'm programmer and not some guy who fixes stuff. Google the problem" but most of the time I fix it for money.
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    Hammer a sticker with "stop using chmod" to his hand and he'll still do it again. :D
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    The classic chmod error
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