Playing ME:A, game froze, alt-tab out to try and close it, can see my mouse moving around but the screen the game is playing on is staying black. Whatever, shit happens, I'll just hard power off and reboot.
Powered down, push the power button, SSD isn't booting, being sent to BIOS. "Oh no."
SSD isn't listed in available boot options. "Shit." Checked the cables and what not, nothing, pretty sure it died on me. Go to Fry's to get a new 960 EVO m.2, sold out, go to the other one 30mins away that says it has one in stock, it doesn't either. 😧

Guess I'm ordering one online, Amazon says 1-3 weeks even with Prime, Samsung website says 1-3 days but no rush delivery.

Guess I'm computer-less for a while. (Unless I find something else before end of day)

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    That's what you get for not shutting down your PC properly.
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    @darksideplease last ditch effort. When a game crashes like that it's the only option to fix it. It probably occurred because it was dying
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    @iam13islucky we will never know
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    @iam13islucky It likely did die. It was a PNY model and I guess they have less than great build quality. I'm likely still within my warranty period, but it's dead and gone so I'm dealing with replacing it first.

    Slim chance, but it might also be related to my random power cuts my computer gets. Like, as if the power cable was pulled. I've replaced nearly every other part except the CPU and Mobo. Just a side thought.
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    @Dav13 Sure, but that doesn't solve my dead SSD and lack of Windows issue.
    I have my Chromebook to keep me company until the new one arrives today.
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