Our Adobe Illustrator teacher(he taught us a bit of Photoshop before), tasked us with entering a contest for a logo design. The company's name is synonymous to amber in my mother tongue, but instead of it doing something related to that they partnered with T.V. services etc and are doing things in the field. The limitation of the contest is that we have to use a specific color in the amber range(given with the CMYK and Pantone values), and if the design ends up a success, one gets nearly 500$.

I have an idea, but I don't know how I will be going about doing it. I'm not great at either design or drawing. My skills in drawing don't match up with my ideas...

I'll still try it.

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    Logoform design is a tough design niche, and most business owners can't differentiate a good logo from a bad logo, but it's always a fun exercise consolidating a complex/abstract idea into something small and simple
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    All the best of luck! :)
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    Thanks, everyone!

    Did I say I have zero experience with logo design? :P

    It's gonna be fun.
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    @BlueNutterfly I recommend doing some research on Pinterest or Google images, checking out the different styles of logos (crests, typeface, animals, people, symbols, initials, etc). The logo lounge book series is a good collection of curated categories
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    @trogus Thanks for the tip.
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    If you can't design and don't know illustrator I would advise working with a designer on it. Talk through your ideas and get some good advice/direction and help with putting it together. You will learn shit loads in the process.
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    make a list of attributes/adjectives, what should the logo say to the custumer and how does this represent the company.

    Actually drawing just a logo is short sighted. you should start with research on that company, find out for what it stands and translate that in a color pallete and fonts, slogan first and the logo last. That process is called branding. Have good look at some fonts from typekit, myfonts.

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    We are only allowed ONE color. Also, seeing their logo as it is now, I see they would want the amber to be apparent.

    They offer internet services while not doing internet providing and they also have their slogan displayed on the logo they have right now.

    To be honest, I wouldn't be able to tell they had the „Q“ in their logo at the moment made up of ambers if not for their name.
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    @BlueNutterfly is the contest over? Do you still need help?
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    Wishing you the best of luck! Keep us posted about this!
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    It is over and well, no luck to me.
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    @BlueNutterfly AW, sorry to hear that =\ But you tried, and that's cool! Care to share with us what you came up with?
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    @TRiGGER80 I'm just a bit too shy for that...
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