Our team really needs some workflow arrangement, and this time it was me who screwed up.
So we have to push an update to the Play Store and the App Store the Friday, the app is well tested on test environment then production environment, we got the ok so I uploaded a build, the app management team then continued the process of publishing..

During the weekend the app was approved and live to almost 500k user that can receive the update.

I got a phone call from the Project Manager at almost midnight, the time was really suspicious so I answered.
- Me: Hello.
- PM: Hi, sorry to call you now but the app is live and we have a problem.
- Me: what kind of problem? Let me check.

So I updated the app on my phone and opened it while I am on call.. I almost had heart attack!! WE PUBLISHED A VERSION POINTING TO THE TEST ENVIRONMENT. Holly shit

- Me: shit call the app management team NOW.

Eventually we removed the app from sale (unpublished it) and we submitted a new version immediately, once it was approved the next day we made the app available again (so for those who didn’t update yet, there will be no update to a faulted version, and no new users landing to a version with test data), I received one or two calls from friends telling me why the app is not on the store (our app is used nationally, so it’s really important).

Thank God there was no big show on twitter or other social media.. but it’s really a good lesson to learn.

I understand this is totally my fault, thankfully I didn’t get fired 😅

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    The "Dear brain, you missed out a tiny little detail that is life threatening" ouch.

    But glad you could sort it out.
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    These are the moments we live with forever and the scaring that allows us to accept all the rigid tests and verification that many junior devs think is a waste of time :)

    To bad it’s lessons you often need to learn in person, reading about them does not give the same feeling of dread steering into the abyss.
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    hahaha I almost did this a few weeks ago... preview lands in test flight and I'm like hmmmm this looks like data from our staging system... WAIT, IT IS DATA FROM OUR STAGING SYSTEM! REBUILD DON'T RELEASE!!!
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