Someone just overwrote 2 weeks of work in SVN because they don't understand merging.

When they did an update before committing they ignored the conflicts and tried to build their work.

But wait it won't build if their are conflicts, I know I'll just copy this backup over the checkout and check that in instead.

It took me over an hour tho fix this fucktard's mistake and I still don't think they understand what they did wrong. Their supposed to have 40+ years of experience.

In the end it turned out they wanted to change about 10 lines. They had checked in files that they didn't even change, they were just out of date compared to trunk.

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    Were they drunk or just stupid? 😡
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    Just reverse the commit? I forget now is that hard in svn, when you say svn I was actually thinking git
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    I think git would have been easier.

    Even if I did roll back to a previous version I would have had to perform some sort of merge to keep their edits. No way I was asking them to do it again.
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    @Ashkin unfortunately they were not drunk.
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