long time listener, first time caller. I love designers. seriously. I love getting a nice juicy Figma file and not knowing how the heck I'm going to do half the wild stuff in it, but it's beautiful, so I'll figure it out. Go ahead, send it to the client. But designers who learn how to use something like Elementor or one of those crappy kitchen-sink themes, call themselves developers, and win work with clients I share with them. I'm the one fixing everything when that crap breaks. I would never in a million years present myself as a designer, even though I know I know a damn sight more about design than they do about dev. I get it, everyone needs to make a buck, but every time this happens it makes me sick to my stomach. We're on the same team. I always, ALWAYS, go to the mat for good design. Why don't more designers have an equal amount of respect for us? Design phase always goes over deadlines and we always have to pick up the slack to make the hard launch date. Well, now I'm just rambling.

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    I think devs have a difficult relationship to them by design.
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    I think part of the reason design phases break deadlines is that design and dev are too separated, and many of us devs are too nice and just say "just send me tre finished design - we'll make it work"

    Many times I've seen designers trying to decide between two form designs where A would be super easy to implement with standard form html and B requires every single input to be a custom component, and they pick B on a whim. Just because no devs were involved to say "B takes like 5x longer to build"
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