These fresh new college grads...calling themselves Full Stack Developers...
Ask them to consume a web service and I get a blank look...ask them to create a REST service and they are like WTF are you talking...
Has it come to the point that people just keep throwing around terms without understanding the inherent philosophy or idea behind them or is it like it's just to show that they are the "COOL" kids...with no actual idea of what the fuck they are doing ???

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    Thanks... :)
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    It's the same people that have decent grades on their paper but have never gotten a single cert or done any self-study. Which to me just feels weird, considering this is also my hobby.
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    You know what's (not) funny? When you're the one who has to fix their fuck up, because they acted big talk around the boss and he told them to do something, they had no idea what the fuck they were doing, and then it became your problem. Then they still get away with it. Fuck people like them. I will enlist a flock of well fed pigeons to take a giant shit on their residence, and pay a homeless man a salary to take a shit in their mailbox (routinely).
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    Totally agree...
    Been in such a situation numerous times
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    Do so, and do tell what happens. I hope things play out better for you than they have for myself.

    I'll be holding thumbs.
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    @ragnarr023 @moshmage

    Would love to hear back about the results
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    Blame management or whoever hired them? I'm pretty sure if you get any student on devRant, they would know... @tahnik @SirWindfield
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    Usually those kids also have rich / well connected parents and get the job not because of who they really are.
    And you are left to struggle with their lack of knowledge and experience.
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    But... I had to implement Rest API and consume them on my studies projects... Where are you hella from?
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