Do you take it as a red flag if the interview is really really easy?

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    Nope. When you prefer smaller companies which aren't pretending to go to the moon, interviews actually are often pretty casual. And when you know your shit they are also often easy.
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    @Oktokolo Makes sense. Thanks!
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    No, not really.

    For example, I’m in charge to provide technical tests to people who wants to join company.

    I made the test this way :

    • If you know your shit, my test will take you 15 minutes max

    • If you need to search / google / etc, you’ll still get a false result (Because I’ve googled and explictlly adapted so google answers will fail), and it will take you hours.

    And bonus, we don’t impose timeframe. But good devs usually send us responses in a matter of hours.

    So maybe your interview was designed in the same matter, I don’t know.
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    No, I am the head of my own department. My interviews had shit to do with bullshit I knew my candidates would never touch.

    the interpersonal things on the interview mattered most to me, since I did not wanted to bring in a dickhead that was not a teamplayer into my team and I care far too much for my employees to make them work with someone they disliked. Technical skills can be learned, no matter what neckbeard on the net tells you, they can be learned.

    I hired a dude with a heavy backround in frontend design to do backend and frontend, little to 0 knowledge in our main stack, has been working wonders because i sit my ass down with the dude and TRAIN him.

    Fuck algo based interviews, and fuck 10xer interviews.
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    No, I'd even say this is a green flag (at least for me); every time I had a easy interview, the job experience was excellent.

    Take it as a good sign that you know your stuff and got along with the interviewer.
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    Current job, they didn't even bother with technical check of programming skills. I sent them examples of my work and they were fine with that.
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    Nah. My best jobs had easy interviews. The shittiest one had an interview that everyone failed and I passed because I just happened to have a good day. Good money, but I wanted to kill myself.
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    No, if he knows his stuff and challenges me but still is easy going, that's a green flag for me.
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