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    That exploded well.
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    Ha ha ha... True
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    White picture in dark theme :0
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    Er, iPhones blew up first, the iShit5 if I recall correctly.
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    @RTRMS yeah but really few of them, compared to lot of notes7 ... And I'm not an apple fan at all
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    @dontbeevil true, but 1 or 100, first is first. Does not matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winnings winning.

    Samsung just enhanced on the feature, for once truly stealing an apple original.
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    The Apple explosion will surely have a more modern design.

    (Nokia 130 user btw => left out the "smart" in "smartphone)
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    The iPhone explosion would result in spreading gold dust all over the exploding area 😎

    Whereas android device explosions would be a very tasty but also sticky experience.

    Mmmmh kit kat crumbs all over everything 😋
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    Think again
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    @sperator kitkat? That's like 6 years old. Don't imagine that being tasty after that long of a time. Probably a bit moldy :/
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