Oh my... I'm so exhausted and tired of everything. First I got really sick for two weeks and couldn't work. I also collapsed on the floor one night and hurt myself. Well what happens yesterday? You guessed it - I fell down the stairs and hurt exactly the same spots as two weeks ago... (no I was not drunk).

And then I have to work on a holiday today (yes, still with that same fucking shitty shopware project) because I have to attend an appointment in a different country on Thursday (I need Thursday off, but I don't have any vacation left).

So here I'm sitting almost crying in pain because of this FUCKING project, everything hurts, I still can't think straight and shopware is denying my refresh tokens. FUCK THIS JOB. Seriously. Fuck it. I have had the chance to look into a lot of companies and do different things, but this is the worst.

Nobody fucking cared about the project for nearly 8 months, and now that I'm close to leaving the company they begin to act like "oh well it must be done by then". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I told them a million times I need help and that I won't be able to finish it in time. That's what happens when nobody plans a project, but accepts it anyways because "it brings in money".

Seriously?! This project has been a waste of money and my energy and nerves. We're already 100% over the budget and will never ever see one cent coming from this shitty project. WHY FOR FUCKS SAKE IS IT THAT THOSE PEOPLE JUST DONT SEE IT WHEN A PROJECT IS GOING DOWN THE FUCKING DRAIN?!

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    Sick leave is not an option?
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    @iiii I did not work for two weeks, but I don't feel any better now due to pain and "bad mental health" (current job is the main reason for this). I only have eight days left at this job and I will start a new one in two weeks.
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    @tombjarne well, if you fell from somewhere and (I guess) visited a doctor because of that, you should have legitimate reasons to demand a sick leave 🤔
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    @iiii Hm maybe I should give it a try... actually I have not seen a doctor yet since it was holiday weekend and it seemed fine (nothing broken). It's just that I feel guilt (yes I know it's stupid to feel that for that employer) if I would be sick again... it's so much stress :-/
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