Unity Engine lures you into trying it out with its simple starting Tools.
But once you realize this is just a fassade - it's too late and the trap got you.

You're now in limbo of to simple code which isn't compatible with the more complicated features!

Oh you try to fix this bug here? Let me suggest you 6 year old solutions from Unity Version that are not supported anymore!

Sorry just have to say it: Unity is big pile of sh*t! I don't know who had the idea of making this frankenstein-monster!

Just to consider thinking not only making one monster - NO!

Lets do a whole bunch of iterations and versions of this monster and yes you guessed it: they are not compatible to each other!

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    A lot of people like to forget that you aren't just writing scripts in Unity, you're writing a real program. Yeah with no proper architecture and planing you'll end up in spaghetti script hell but that's not really Unitys fault
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