I just went to a job interview and ended up declining their offer & I said thank you for the opportunity and their reply was, "I wish you hadn't wasted our time." It made me cry and it was SO unprofessional.

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    fuk them, im sure you were the ONLY person and they NEVER interview multiple candidates and waste their time >=|
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    It's a good sign that you wouldn't have wanted to work for them anyway.

    Fuck em!
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    I'm thankful to you brother; if anything, you got my revenge.
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    *pulls the ergo keyboard out*
    Time to write a fucking review.
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    I’ll have an interview next week, Im planning to decline if they don’t reject me first. I got the itch to decline sooner due to some “corporate culture” red flags but I kinda want to see the coding challenge.

    If they don’t reject me I’ll probably avenge you 🤙
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    They are just being a sore loser of sorts - if they really felt you'd wasted their time, it wouldn't have been worth spending _even more_ of their time to tell you...
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    Also by their logic they are very rudely wasting the time of any candidate they reject... They better not be interviewing more than one candidate at a time for a given position!
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    hehe.. dont take it personally.. Happens.. just screw them
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    @kiki deserves a separate rant
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    I don't see the problem, they are honest. I would do the same.
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    If they consider it a waste of time it proves they do not value your time or opinions, which means they do not deserve any more though.

    The interview is a negotiation between two parties.

    If they honestly think you should have no say they are not looking for employees but slaves, in which case they are looking in the wrong place or the wrong millennium.
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    They should have asked:

    "How could we have improved our offering?"

    Instead they said:

    "Fuck you"
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    If it's a waste of time then their outlook is fucked. It's a 2 way interview.
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    Of course I don't know the context so I assume you are reasonable and yeah that was super unprofessional.

    We had a candidate where we where harsh to. So he got trough the process, had lots of negotiations and got the absolute max salary. He had his lawyer and financial advisor contract us. Taking almost a week of our time. He signed with us but 3 days before he was supposed to start he said he accepted another offer and "respectfully" declined and hope that perhaps in the future he will be working with us...
    Hell no! That was a waste of time and money (international hire so lost of paperwork etc)
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    I want to remind that maintaining the hiring process and allocating resources to make it sustainable is solely a company's responsibility. People declining offers will happen, and it's either HR or CHRO's job to account for that and plan ahead.

    A person in any way damaging the company by merely declining an offer is akin to a user getting the entire backend down by inserting an emoji into their password.
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    i'm sorry, but are you serious that it made you cry?
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