Whats the difference between a 32bit os and a 32byte os?

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    The answer was 28 bytes? :D
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    I'm curious. What was the answer?
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    There's no thing as 32 byte OS
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    The difference is the existence
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    The hr guy meant to say 32bit vs 64bit when I asked about 32byte os....
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    The difference is that saying 32bit is correct, and whoever sais 32byte is an idiot.
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    32byte does technically exist: every longlonglonglong... variable is exploiting the 32byto system xD
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    So the HR guy has no idea about computers?
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    Maybe he's just fucking around with you. Wants to know what your answer will be or he's high and fucked up.
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    32 byte OS is what u get when OS consumes magic mushrooms and processor be like "dafuq bru?"
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    The answer will shock you!
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    32byte OS would be a nightmare. Imagine the same program being 8 times the size...
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