Interviewer: So you worked with mysql?

Me: yes, for over 6 years

Interviewer: so, you know how to write queries?

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    Nope. What are they? 😂
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    It's possible to have just stumbled through table-creation GUIs the entire time. I've had the displeasure of working with morons with supposed decades of experience and still couldn't code their way through a paper bag
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    Sarcasm is always my response to stupid questions.
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    My problem is that I'm too deadpan. I never realize till later that the idiots thought I meant the idiocy. A God I'm stupid sometimes. @Ashkin
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    Valid question. I have seen devs who can't even remember how to write select queries. Too much reliant on tools.
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    @mjunaid106 how is this possible? Maybe with projects that are more frontend oriented and don't require much database interactions.. but i dont know how you can avoid writing "select .." less than 40 times a day for serious web applications.. and yeah I'm not a fan of migrations and orm queries ..yet
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    @crystalclear 95.5% of people who apply for a programming job couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag
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    What about ORM? :p
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    I am gonna say I been using all types of database for the last 15 years. From Microsoft SQL server to Postgres and everything in between. But for the last 5 years, I haven't typed one query. Thanks to ORM and ActiveRecord.
    So, if this is my interview I will answer the first yes, the second no.
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    @jAsE this is not correct.
    Use this:

    SELECT * FROM dickheads WHERE valid_reason_for_stupidity IS True LIMIT 1;
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    @alybadawy *obligatory OCD code correction*

    Replace "is true" with "= true".

    "is" is normally only used for "is null" or 'is not null" if your following common convention. Not all rdbs's will support "is true"
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