Discounted price is much more expensive....

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    Lmao at the contries wherr comma is used instead of dot for decimal point.

    I don't get how the fuck comma is any sensible
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    That the same we think of you. @HoloDreamer
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    @HoloDreamer yeah man but after sometime I got used to it
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    Took me way too long to understand...
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    @sam9669 more than half of the world population and world economy apparently uses point for decimal mark.

    I guess it's safe to just stick to point and let others get used to the obvious

    Blue represents countries that uses point.
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    Well, its half of the population simply because China and India use it. But nearly the whole Euro room, Russia and even all of South America use the Comma, so I highly doubt that its half of the economy. Nevertheless, we speak English and so we should stick to the Point each time English is spoken :)
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    @lukegv USA also speaks English so it nullifies your point
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    @HoloDreamer Actuality this image isn't accurate. I'm from Brazil, and everything here is represented by point. But we were not included in the image. Maybe green represents countries that uses point notation?
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    @lukegv blue countries have strong economy and manufacturing power than green countries. Also, more half of russia is just snowland and there is not much going on. So it is totally possible.

    I agree with your second sentence tho.

    @Jormungandr nope. Maybe Brazilians are getting inspired by strong economy and slowly shifting to point.
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    @HoloDreamer Yeah man, I messed up. This thing is really confusing. You're right.
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