I am working on a java project and I want to know where are compilers and interpreter stores machine code? According to this post https://interviewbit.com/blog/... Compilers store machine code in the disk storage but not an idea about the interpreter. Any suggestion

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    This will probably sort you out.

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    no machine code in java so no storage, compiler compiles java code to opcodes, translates your java files to class files and pack them together to zip called jar and interpreter called jvm or whatsoever just loads zip file to ram and jumps over those files inside

    jvm on the other hand is machine code and it’s also loaded to ram and it’s code is processed by cpu that have it’s own cache to jump over machine code and predict the next cpu instructions to provide us with meltdown and spectre bugs so governments can see what you do in your room in the dark
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    > no machine code in java

    not true. Search: jvm code cache
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    Java source code -> jvm bytecode -> class files -> packed as jar, etc -> interpeted by JVM.
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    @netikras that’s jit, let’s net get too deep to jvm 😅
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