Managers don't understand that there will ALWAYS be bugs shipped to production, no matter how hard you try to prevent or test against them.

Devs: lol

inb4 any comments really, i've seen facebook, instagram, and all the 'big players' crash and have bugs multiple times before, so don't go around swinging your dick like your company's software has no known bugs (don't even get me started on the devrant mobile app) I'm just saying bugs are a fact of software

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    I have definitely never deployed any bugs to any prod environment.
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    @PonySlaystation maybe you just don't know yet 😅
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    @PonySlaystation Me neither, definitely not ever.
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    Bugs can happen.

    That's not the issue.

    Devs who _accept_ bugs happening because of lazyness / don't give a fuck mentality is the issue.
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    @IntrusionCM yeah. Recently, I investigated the bug on Odysee. My previous contribution was welcomed, and I've put more effort in describing and offering workarounds/whatnot for my next one.

    I dislike that people don't outline or respond to more than one thing, and they just get too focused on it, so they decide to close the issue and never come back. Like, it's equal to coming in terms with bug being present and continue annoying the users that just wanted non-quirky preferences for their video platform.

    Honestly, it's that annoying, I decided to not come back to make another issue... I anticipate that with such handling, it would be marked as duplicate and screwed again.
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    I know big companies that deploy every 2 weeks and have 1 noticable bug a year maybe 2. So don't swing your dick around like this is normal.

    You should try your best and not accept it as a given. Automated testing and automated deployments FTW
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    "no known bugs” says nothing about the code, just how little is known
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    The "big players" are shit because they deny linear cost scaling so they're riddled with constant scaling issues and lack of testing.
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