What do people think of LinkedIn?

I keep getting pointless messages about introductory level positions, integration consultant or sales stuff, all for salaries below my current by a significant margin.

Has anyone had anything useful?

The fact that the second suggested tag is "LinkedIn is shit" may have just answered my question...

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    some of my friends activated Linkedin Premium and after two weeks they got several good offers some of them were with relocation. premium package is free for a first month.

    just make a good looking profile and go for it. I plan to do the same , when I will start to find another job.

    good luck 👌
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    I think LinkedIn is a good resource with the exception of weekly "is x better than y" framework questions and the fuck nugget recruiters.
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    I got my current job because of linkedin, automatic posting using IFTT and a funny profile pic.

    I also add people every week, about 15.
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