My friend's friend requested my service to make an eCommerce website for her side business.

Should I keep all the domain, hosting, and SSL under my name and charge them after putting some margin to earn some cash? Or cut the hassle and just let them purchase it themselves?

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    Di you want to be responsible for maintaining it? O&M, enhancements, new functionality, server up time, seo, etc.? If yes, keep it. If no, kick it to the curb
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    never put it as a package deal cause people think it's your responsibility to keep their site online and repay in a year.

    but besides that point recommending a good hosting is a good idea but do your research and preferably look for one with free ssl. or just setup a server on digital ocean or vultur, and setup letsencrypt. the second option requires server knowledge from you and the willingness of being on call for any problems that might arise
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    @LiquorFueled good point. I'm thinking to sell them SEO once the website is up and running. But considering how small it is, it will probably be a one time job.
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    @jckimble got it! I don't have any reseller hosting account, so I think it'll be faster to just recommend a good hosting for them. I could charge them slightly higher but like you said, it'll be a pain if they hassle me so much.
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    @tsukiouji yeah I don't really like godaddy personally cause a self hosted server has a faster response time but they have free ssl, cheap, pretty much stupid proof, and the domain can be bought and renewed at the same place of the hosting.

    I'm only saying this cause I'm doing the same thing, working on a site for a friend and don't want the relationship to become sour
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    Point them to http://www.shopwired.co.uk or one of the many alternatives and walk away, or charge a fee for set up and basic training, then walk away leaving a happy friends friend and no future hassle.
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    Build the website, ask for money. Host it, ask for money. It's an eCommerce ? Take a cut on every sales. Buy her business, and put her on the street. (It's your friend's friend not your friend) 😅
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