And then one day you wake up and discover that your first boss,

the one who hired you when you had no experience

who believed in you when nobody else did

and also paid you a full decent payment when the rest of the world tried to pay you less than half the amount

who taught you a lot about the business and even when you disagreed, it was impossible to get angry because he was calm and gentle always

and treated you so many lunches and dinners

…was beaten and killed by a former colleague…

I have no words…

Sayonara 👋 boss
I will miss you so much on this Earth 😢

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    Some people just can't help themselves and feel a desire to burn the world.

    Your boss saw something in you, something that probably reminded them of a younger more naive version of themselves. The most important part of what they did though is impact your life in a positive way.

    They live on in the ways they touched your life. When you see someone struggle, just remember what they did for you and try to do right by them.

    The world is a terrible place, supporting those in need does more good for this world than you may think.

    You have my condolences.
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    Reminds me of a boss I knew who always had a bodyguard nearby.
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    You just described the special relationship with your first (and great) boss. I'm sorry for your loss
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    Thank you very much everyone.

    Just to clarify one thing, I often complain about a former manager in my rants.

    He is not this one.

    The one I complain about is a completely different person. Completely.
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