Do you think there is any language which is not hated by any programmer (or by most of the programmers)?

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    No but think the question would be better worded as "justified hate"
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    @Kimmax English is a pretty big mess though and i am English
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    @nblackburn like U.K. English?
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    C++ is hated by many respected developers but C is generally well liked I thought.
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    @runfrodorun Yes but most variants of English are mostly the same besides a few minor spelling differences.
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    PHP or Java.
    Both amazingly neat and flawless languages.

    * Haters' hate intensifies *
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    Algorithm universally combines all the language users
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    Haskell. There's no question about it. Anyone who claims to hate Haskell just wants to sound cool. It's like Bill Nye of the programming world; when anyone even mentions functional programming, the whole room chants "Haskell, haskell, haskell!" True story.
    Esoteric languages in general aren't hated, they just aren't used for their esoteric nature.
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    Music is an universal language that nobody hates?
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    @mvalentin I find that a bit broader than a language as it embodies multiple styles of music.

    I guess it would be like comparing dubstep to chinese.
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    I don't think anyone hates this language, they may dislike because it's a bit slow but otherwise it's pretty awesome
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    @meain yeah I never heard or read that anyone might hate Python.
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    @Strannch <heavy breathing>
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    I hear javascript is pretty universally loved.
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    @pal3117 *twitch* colons *spams*
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    Assembly all the way!
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    @makinet Haskell not hated?

    I've developed using Haskell for a job, a laboratory used it for automation and analytical systems.

    It's a beautiful language, but if you use it in practice, it's easy to start hating it.

    The cryptic compiler error messages? You get used to them, there's a logic behind them.

    But every other Haskell dev writes zero usage documentation or tests because functional code is self-documenting and bug free, right?... Well, not so much in practice. Haddock generates docs, but only from well annotated code, which is rare.

    Oh and fuck Cabal in particular. NPM, gem, composer etc are lovable and cute and easy, cabal makes you scream in horror as it slowly devours your brain from the inside out.
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    Elixir generally has a good rep.

    Only certain types of people dive into it anyway and they do it because it's a good match for what they need to get done.

    As the rest don't care or even know about it there is very little hate our there for elixir
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    @pal3117 @meain I love Python as a language, but dealing with the 2 vs 3 divide is often a quite painful. Still painful, after almost a decade. I don't think any other language has had such a bad transition between major versions.

    Then there's lots of little surprising oddities: for example how default params survive between function calls, or how scoping in general works.

    I also dislike how there are a bunch of important global functions while others are object oriented style methods (x.reverse() vs reversed(x)).
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