When you are a Dev but you don't want to be single

Girl: what's your profession?
Me: I am a writer
Girl: Cool! What do you write?
Me: I write code😎

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    isn't that boring staring the whole day on a computer screen the whole day? oh by the way, my printer stoped working could you check that after diner please? and you know, my uncle owns a small buisness and he needs a website, could you do his site for me for free?
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    Imo never tell a girl about your profession and your salary
    If asked about such less budget about everything, tell her its for buying a block of gold, and when asked about gold, tell her you dug a hole in someplace in the middle and put all the gold there, no questions asked
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    Is being a writer better? How much do they get paid? Do they even get paid? πŸ€“

    Other options:
    - I'm an architect (Software architect)
    - I'm an engineer (Software engineer)

    But please don't say:
    - I'm a dev-rockstar
    - I'm a guru
    - I'm a wizard
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    @vasq and what should self-taught developers say? 😜
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    @vasq I'm a wizard
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    Yeah the chicks digg the starving artist/writer types πŸ˜‰
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    Why is this tagged "funny af"... It's mildly amusing at best.
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    You're probably not single because you're​ a developer, it is much more likely that you lack any real social skills.
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    @karju really?
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    @karju that's awesome! Self publish anything online? I write too, had some poems published but never any of my stories...I put em all on Tumblr though
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    @Phlisg I'm an autodidactic wizard ;D
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    My former coworkers asked me what is my current job title and knew that I'm a programmer. I told them that I'm just a mere data encoder which is lower to their profession (graphic designer). Someone asked:

    He: So, what do you encode?
    Me: Uggh, data! Like letters, numbers, alphanumerics?
    He: including semi-colon at the end of the line?
    Me: Yyyyyeeess! Tehehe

    I'm really shy not afraid to say about my job because some people do not know what software development is and find it boring. No wonder I don't have 5 or greater friends around me.

    But, I have devRant! ^_^
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    Is that sort of like saying programming makes me multi-lingual?
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    I just have 3 friends and one of them is semi-coder. All other are skilled.
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    @Gahan semi-coder you mean QA?
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    In my country, being dev gets more ladies, let alone being software engineer
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    @coffeeneia if u have 4 thats more than me XD
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