I don't know how it works in other countries, but in Hungary the best workplace where you can have a beer and good time with your colleagues after work. Is it same thing at your country? :)

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    In the Netherlands we have the 'vrijdag middag borrel' (Friday afternoon drink) it's just having a few beers at the end of a business week with your coworkers.

    But of course depends on your boss
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    Wow egyre tobben vagyunk
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    We've got beer in the fridge but may only drink it after 5:30 pm (usual end of a workday) who's is shit because even if I come in early I may not drink a beer - and I come in early often on Fridays.
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    Not really in France. You may do that with small group of colleagues you really appreciate...
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    We have Friday afternoons (after 3pm) where they unlock a keg of beer that stays in the kitchen along with bowls of crisps/sweets to spend a bit of time with colleagues/departments you don't usually speak with.

    It's pretty nice, I'm based in the UK but it's an American company that try to emulate the Google method.

    I would definitely say the relaxed environment helps some and not others!
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    In Berlin, our beer fridge is always full and after 6pm, we drink and optionally continue working
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    @chrisalexthomas that's the thing, no one here wants to stay longer than 5:30 (we've only got 30 min lunch break) as he wants to get home to his family
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