Call me crazy but I'm gonna setup remote desktop connection from my home PC to PC at work which i will never shutdown.

I think it will open up new possibilities and opportunities that i never thought of.

I guess i will use teamviewer.

Any thoughts or suggestions about this?

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    using your work pc doesn't sound like a good idea unless your employer agrees with that. How about using a cloud desktop like www.sixa.io or www.paperspace.com ? Because when you gonna use teamviewer for work things you have to pay anyway. With a cloud desktop you have always a gigabit connection and some beefy specs under the hood.
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    @heyheni i found chrome remote desktop easier. I tested it using PCs at home. Will try that next workday.
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    @heyheni those cloud computers looks like a nice deal. Will check that out as well. Have you tried that for gaming or other intensive work?

    Btw, i have only 1 mbps connection at home. So i guess i wont be able to make full use of that cloud pc?
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    if you're able to use vnc to your work computer then you're able to use the cloud desktop. Sixa has an one hour free trial.

    Yeah i've got battlefield 1918 running on paperspace.
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    You are going to use an old idea, that is not safety.

    Guys above are completely right - the best solution for you to use Desktop-as-service solution, like V2 cloud (https://v2cloud.com/) or Citrix
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