Had my first and second stage interviews with a company all in the space of a few days.

Literally the day after the second interview, I got an email back saying I impressed them and they'll get back to me with the details of the next stage of the process soon (whether that's another interview or something else I don't know).

That was 2 weeks ago. Waiting and not knowing is the worst thing ever!!

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    Sadly the recruiting process in the industry takes months. At my company the average time it takes to recruit somebody is about 2 and half a month.
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    @Noob I was aware of that, but they gave me false hope by bringing me in for two interviews in a few days!!
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    I went for an interview in November that I'm still waiting to hear back from :/
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    Wow recruiting at my company is two days! 3 interviews the first day, 3 the second day and the offer (or not) at the end of the second day.
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    I had a 4 stage interview process. After each phase they said it was a 24 hour turn around.

    I had to wait 7+ days between each phase
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    Got the offer!!!
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    @dockerdan Bam! Congrats dude
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