seeing all these real life computer setups and desktops makes me drool. @dfox and @trogus , mind if i suggest creating a tab or place to share this exquisite computer porn ?

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    I had actually brought this up to @trogus the other day as something that could be fun. I even suggested we use the name "porn" in the title for the feature :)

    What we couldn't really decide on is if it would be worth it and if the content is very shareable which is one thing we would like to see.

    Any more thoughts on that?
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    @dfox I whole heartedly support this and ppl will start cleaning their desks just to share it here, I'd love to see the feature in action
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    I won't be cleaning my desk but I would share. Something like this would be a good idea, maybe include sorta categories of stuff, setups, posts about useful apps/tools.
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    @dfox that would be really cool, everyone loves nice setups
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    Surely you just post on... https://reddit.com/r/...
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    Just fix tagging if not already and create a screen for popular, trending tags?
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    @dfox . lets see . the ones below are good to. another idea would be to have a randomizer and let people hot or not it. else just like a hall of fame kind of thing against ones profile perhaps ?
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