*only developer at firm and client comes in to discuss building a website on a 4k budget*

"Ok but eBay does it, cant you just do it like eBay?"

Oh eBay who has teams of developers....and a huge budget to afford these developers.....that eBay?

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    I had I guy who said the same as Amazon he would open the app and point out whatever he saw and say "I want this"
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    Same thing my project manager said to me
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    so pay me like they pay the Ebay team...
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    @casecase305 I know that feeling, the Android app I'm working requires PDF generation, and my boss is too stingy to pay for a proper 3rd party library, so I've had to make do with the alternative, Android pdfbox which is slow lol.

    He and the whole company are apple fanatics, but if iOS didn't have built in PDF stuff I bet they wouldn't pay for it.
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