I've been sleeping through midnight pages.

How do ya all manage to wake up for pages? I have my phone on full volume at night and I still sleep through them

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    I don't do on calls anymore for obvious reasons...

    Usually I redirected my calls from work phone to my landline.

    Which was a I think Panasonic or Siemens mobile handset with graphical display.

    I'm susceptible to noise and light at night - just turned up volume / brightness to max, room was fucking lit and the ring tone to the one that gets louder over time...

    Yup. I was fucking awake and most of the time angry like the hulk... The mobile handset flew more than once across the room.
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    @IntrusionCM lmao that's pretty rad XD I'm clearly not trying my best to wake up haha
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    I was monitoring website uptime until I ended up first turning off the nighttime alerts and then quitting that job.
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    @stackodev lmao quitting is a dope way
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