Imagine seeing words like developer:ess, member:esses or user:ess in artices on the web becoming more and more popular.

Pretty dumb, yes?

That’s what happening right now with the German language with something called gender-language.
It hurts my eyes reading Entwickler:innen, Mitglieder:innen and Benutzer:innen.

People argue that words like Entwickler are excluding woman by using the male form by default. But it’s just a matter of perspective. Why not just define this as the neutral form just like in english? Developer is neither male nor female. Everybody is fine with that.
Yet the Germans are messing around with this gender shit and making text unreadable for no reason at all.
It’s just bullshit!

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    Yeah, the classic human mindset "Lets make new problems for the sake of anger and hatred"

    I sometimes wonder if people truely wants peace and harmony.
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    to be fair, the gendered flavor of german has been around from before this has ever even been considered an issue. It just wasn't something that was considered much until recently. Don't hate the language, hate the players imo.
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    why did every problem in the world originate from somewhere upside? Alexander, christianism , british empire and the lust for conquering the world, Hittler, ... everyone beyond the gulf countries and Russia seems to get bitten by a worm up in ass every decade, to see how they can make an impact on the world
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    I would rather make every noun neutral and use ‚de‘, like de Baum, de Haus, de Entwickler. Easier for everyone 😅
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    @Frederick I have a hypothesis that the urge to ideology exists as a eugenic function to promote war, on the theory that the less able economically (loosely, "the less intelligent, adaptable or fit) will be more prone to being drafted or joining a war to get paid and consequently dying.

    If it's true, then the uptake of designer babies, and genetic engineering to improve human traits like intelligence, should see a vast subsequent decrease in ideology driven wars, terrorism, etc. And we'll be scratching our heads asking why until the connection is confirmed.

    Another takeaway would be that as more and more people are born with engineered genetics, the bar of 'fitness' raises, and the length of time increases that wars or instability take to brew or get startes, with a possible commiserate increase in the intensity.
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    Independent of whether you like this development or not and whether you think it's doing any good or bad or whatever: It is quite bad for a accessibility.


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    Oh no, things are changing and I'm afraid of losing my privilege! Woe is me!
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    It doesn't help.

    Forced integration or inclusion leads to violence, nothing else.

    Change the education, beginning from Kindergarten where children usually start to learn what "they ought to be".

    This is meant completely general.

    Wether Diane likes to play with dinosaurs instead of barbie, Joey likes to play with puppets, Jimmy doesn't talk much, Danielle likes to paint everything leaving a trail of chaos behind instead of being "clean and dapper"… or Nicole loves quietly sitting at the window and staring at the birds.

    Just leave them be.

    I'd go so far and say that this is the common problem in most countries...
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    i'd like it if we introduced an exclusively male form... example:

    Entwickler: neutral / inclusive form
    Entwicklerin: female
    Entwicklerer: male

    other examples: Bäckerer, Briefträgerer, Lehrerer, Managerer
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    lol you are able to learn 5 different programming languages that have almost all the same syntax, adapt to updates of the language, understand the reasons why we dont write only in assembler or c anymore but you guys are to dumb to understand the need why this development in german language is important and necessary.
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    @knobfloortowel instead insulting them, explain your reasoning.

    Insulting and degrading people is exactly why so many become hardened against change or progress.
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    @soull00t why even have 3 different forms? Wouldn’t it be in the spirit of inclusivity to just have a neutral form and use that? Again, see english where it works just fine.
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    @knobfloortowel the only thing that is important and necessary is for you to understand that it’s not resistance against change. I love the fact that natural and programming languages are changing and evolving. Gender-language is just a very bad idea, to put it mildly.
    Guys like you would welcome any dumb change and justify it with "progress".
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    Why not have semicolons at the beginning of each sentence? And lets put a fucking plus between words that start with a capital letter! Why? Because thats progress, isn’t it? And others are too stupid to understand.
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    Wait, wasn't there already a feminine ending -rin in German?
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    @Wisecrack Also if he truely cared about meaningful development of the languages, he would support getting rid of all those stupid sub languages like Franch, German, Russia etc and just finally default to english. Its meaingless in the end.

    But hey lets make some useless changes that wouldnt solve anything, so some people can get a good feeling in their stomach.
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    @iiii yes, but the idea is to introduce a new, neutral form into the language by merging the male and female form into an abomination with some retarded colons or asterisks.

    We could just take the shortest form and define it as neutral and be done with it. That’s what many (maybe most) people do anyway.
    But there are those people who are insisting that the shortest form is the male form and therefore excludes women.

    It’s true that the shortest and default form has evolved from male forms historically. But if they argue with the necessity to change, then it would make more sense to change the definition of neutral instead of redefining the male/neutral as just male and introducing a new, unnecessary, eye cancer inducing neutral form.
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    @Lensflare ooooh... Sounds retarded

    I mean, what they are trying to do. Not your idea.
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    A language predisposition towards a certain type of words being either more masculine or more feminine should not be an issue. Issues arise when words and expressions are used in a derogatory way. Languages should not change based on a perceived inherent "discrimination" of sort as it is the intented use of a certain word that gives that term its connotation. I could say the word "friend" in many different ways based on tone alone and that would change the perceived emotion to which it correlates to.

    This is just my opinion. I'm not part of any minority so I might be biased in a way but I'm also a sucker for languages in general and this over exaggeration is not playing well with me. I hope I didn't come across as an insensitive jerk.
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    wait until they discover the gender fluid community
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    That sounds like the opposite of what every other language is doing: going from fireman to firefighter
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