A : What you do for living ?
B : I'm a Software Engineer
A : Hmmm what ?
B : I do IT
A : Ohh, so you do IT. Cool


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    Yeaps that's true. People also don't know what's Software/Web Developer means. Whenever someone as me what do you do. I reply I make websites like Facebook and Apps like Viber. They understand me.
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    Followed by (but not limited to)
    "my Internet is not working "
    " can you fix my computer? "
    " I have a great idea for an app! "
    " oh so you're one of those geeks"
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    @error503 that is a great way to have people going: This is "error503", he makes facebook!

    My suggestion would be to just mention websites, and smartphone apps. Not naming them. "Stuff like" also helps.
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    @Bacontaskmaster I tried but majority of them knows Facebook and they don't know that it's a website. Same goes for mobile apps they don't know what it is, so I mention viber.
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    @error503 i don't even know that app, but sure. You need to start hanging out with a more intelligent crowd man. I feel sorry for ya!
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    "Magic. I make magic. I'm going to be the man who turn your iPhone into explosive lemon that burn your house down."
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    @CharByte list doesn't end 😒
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    Lol. I had a removals company move our office furniture over the weekend. We made small talk all morning and at the end they finally asked what we do. I said we write software.

    .. like antivirus...?

    .. sort of, more like company wants to solve a problem with computers and we build it

    .. like games..?

    .. (giving up) yeah games
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    ...So can you hack my...
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    @matsaki95 sooo, did u fix his printer :P
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    @Bacontaskmaster I wish it was written of their forehead if they are intelligent or not. That way I would have chosen intelligent people to chill.
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    @matsaki95 damn imaginary people 😒😝
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    What's a software engineer?
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    @matsaki95 how do you engineer software? What part of coding requires engineering anything...
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    A friend of mine mentioned that he met someone doing their bachelor's degree to become a dev, but said it as "yeah he's a software programmer just like you...", I swear sometimes he just doesn't he try to think
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