Wow i left this platform for almost a year because you guys were to right wing political and after 2 minutes of reading again i see some right wing conservative bullshit. You should just solve in reddit. I deinstall now.

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    Says the knob on the floor towel 🤷‍♂️

    It's too right wing around here? Like what??
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    Yeah, shoo-shoo
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    Ok ok, wait... So you're telling us to leave and go build an echo chamber on reddit, because *you* want to build an echo chamber *here*?

    I'm sorry, are you trying to segregate us filthy people into one space and reduce the diversity so you can instead build your own, much more supreme race of left wing people, in this land you just came to?

    I don't know man, that sounds pretty extremist. You can stay if you want, but we don't like left wing supremacists here much. See we have hiring quota for all kinds of political views here and they are all welcome in equal amounts
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    Pretty sure he refers to my rant:

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    @Lensflare Well in that case good riddance.

    I'm pretty left-wing but the only good thing about this enforced German gendered language is that it helps you differentiate between rational people and idiots who behave like a whole Twitter mob.
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    @UnicornPoo yup
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    goodbye, cultist unable to stomach reasonable positions. we will not miss you
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    damn wtf?
    for all I know dR seems to be pretty well mixed. You can throw out a hot topic and there's GONNA be some tough discussion (and name calling and whataboutism and so on) in the comments.
    But mostly people just be annoyed for s.o. to bring in politics and such

    ETA: and it's mostly the same handfull of guys I'd say, that have an opinion to bring to such disscussion
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    Just fuck off.

    I'm a socialist and I don't feel like devrant on general is right wing at all. I think you're generalizing from a single post or the actions of a single user, and the reason you are writing a separate post addressing an unnamed target rather than responding to them is that you want to antagonize as many people willing to engage you as possible because you thrive in conflict.
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