What a wonderful morning. Muffin gets real angry if I don't​ go for a early walk with him. And tbh I like it too, when I get back I can grab my cup coffee and start coding.
What's your boot routine?

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    if (workingday)
    leavetowork(7:30) // breakfast is for the weak
    work(8hours,nopause) // fuck launch
    gohome() && grabshittoeat()
    } else {
    wakeup (10)
    goto boot
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    Often there is not enough time for such a boot, thats why I'm instable for the rest of the day.
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    @DivByZero I understand and that's one of the points that made me work from home and be able to better enjoy the full extend of my days. Unfortunately I know that this is not always possible, but it's what I aim for :)
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    @runfrodorun that's a hell of a boot! I which I had your badassness hahaha
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    >Wake up
    >Decide if I'm awake enough to get up, or if I need to
    >Go into kitchen and pour coffee (or make more if none is in pot)
    >Sit at computer if I am awake enough to actually do anything​ (and wait for coffee)
    >Goof around online until the coffee machine goes off
    >Pour coffee and cream it
    >Sit down at desk, drink coffee and goof around until I decide I actually want to pursue my career
    >Be happy (mostly because of coffee)
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