Is DevRant built on swift or objective-c...... thats the real question 🖥

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    You know like.. I don't want to crush your dreams.. but.. but.. there are other platforms too..
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    I thought it was:
    "To be, or not to be."
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    @Kimmax okay im not sure I understand? Have apple released a new why of creating apps? I only know about swift and obj..-c?
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    @fmanzi no, but you can use web technologies (HTML, css and js) to write native apps. React Native and titanium (which is devrant using) are just two frameworks.
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    @fmanzi I hope you understand that there are server side and client side? Also, you, surely, know that there is much larger world beyond Apple's walled garden?

    P.S. Take a look at https://www.devrant.io/about
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    JavaScript! (Front end for mobile apps with Appcelerator Titanium)
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    @dfox any specific reason for choosing that? (I'm just curious). Even I had same question for neo4j(new to me but loved it after reading about it and thinking about implementing). Damn... I ask too many questions..sigh.! Sorry
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    Xamarin would be a valid option too. (C#)
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    @lazysnail @dfox I see! #1 on their product showcase
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    @lazysnail Titanium makes it easy to share pretty much all of our code between iOS and Android but has pretty good native support too which we like.

    And yeah, Neo4j is pretty cool!

    @calmyourtities haha yup, they like the app.
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    @dfox cool,I will try neo4j aftet my exam amd will look after titanium too.
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