Has anyone seen an AI/ML/whatever in the wild? I mean, an _actual_ implementation in production that is actually used.

And Powerpoint slide does not count (unless it of course were created by AI/ML/whatever).

I hear a lot of big words from management but I can’t see anything anywhere.

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    ML is used in battery usage prediction, ad preferences, app configuration, writing "news" that's just an ad for McDonald's, all social media feeds, medical diagnosis, music searching, etc etc
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    @lungdart In your company alone?
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    @sideshowbob76 I think he means on the internet in general
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    GANN Theft Auto
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    You're seeing it everywhere, you just don't realise it. Everything from ad suggestions to social media feeds to online shopping suggestions has some amount of ML behind it these days.
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    Voice recognition? In your phone?
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    @atheist Hey Siri, do you use artificial intelligence?
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    @sideshowbob76 let me give a simple example that predates the AI / ML buzz because it is 20 years old.

    A simple camera system with color detection to separate glass in a recycling company. Stuff got presorted, if the system did wrong, employee took image of bootle, system scanned the foto, extracted color codes, added it to the detection.

    I think it was even around 30 years old, long long time ago.
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