Microsoft pls fix.

My company chose to use Microsoft Teams and uses various linux desktops.

Let's try Microsoft Teams.
A desktop app? Hell yeah. Let's try it.

Oh wait...

Microsoft delivers a Windows executable for linux users... Fuck

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    What did you except? A source tar ball?
    Go to some other website aimed at usual windows users and you will most likely get a windows executable too
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    Sure, post pick the last OS to ever get corporate software releases and expect a new product to exist for that platform...

    At some point the density is ridiculous, I should write a rant about rant likes these...
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    @Neotelos @Kimmax
    I expected an electron app like visual studio code. They support native dotnet for linux, so I expect more linux compatibility for new products.

    They can differ between Mac and Windows and link to a different download, but why do I even get a hint for this, when I am neither.
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    @JoshuaBehrens they kind of support dotnet CORE which is a whole different story
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    @Neotelos exactly my thoughts
    ppl's expectations are just over the roof at the moment. You know what you sign up for when choosing any unix based system, don't try to rant about your own decisions.
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    @Linux wine isn't the answer for everything and has rather bad support for (especially) new software
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