Dear Game-Devs,

if your game takes some time to load that's fine but please do NOT let me press a button after starting the game and THEN start loading the menu for some time and instead load the menu immediately! What's the point of that? If I know it takes some time I want to start it and maybe get a coffee and when I come back everything is loaded...

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    GTA V? Hahah
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    This "feature" is there in most games, I also don't get the point of having to press another button to load the menu. It's not like I wouldn't want it to load the menu 😕
    But now I'm just wandering if it's just a trend or has a reason behind it...
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    @bobvdvalk where both, the menu and the game take ages to load 😂
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    @dreik I think this is a side effect of the recent trend to move more content to the web and to just use an browser frame to render them and I can't decide how I feel about that
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    @SmokedPig it's awful and needs to die.
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    @SmokedPig this game design pattern is not really a recent thing. So, not sure that browser trend is the reason behind it.
    But, when you have a slow laptop and every game loads extremely slow, these kinda things starts to be really annoying.
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