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I've got an assignment due tomorrow with friends, which consists of a Ubuntu server VM that we have to configure with a little samba, ftp, bind9, squid and apache. Are some of you up for a little bit of last minute help with bind9? We can't make this thing work 😢

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    Basically, the DNS has to resolve secondexam.com to the server itself, and otherport.com to the server itself on port 8080. But it's in a VM, I can't test it with a navigator, so I run "nslookup secondexam.com", but it won't find shit even though I tried changing my configuration files using 10 different tutorials
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    Sorry mate, never heard of bind9
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    @porteighty at least you grow the rant's popularity ;)
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    It sounds like your system isn't configured to use your DNS server. You should be able to verify this by using the second parameter of nslookup to explicitly specify a DNS server.
    The command should be something like:
    nslookup secondexam.com localhost
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    @3141 just tried this in all possible manners without success. I should be able to do it from within the VM right?
    I configured named.conf.local like so:
    zone "secondexam.com" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/db.secondexam.com";
    And this file like so:
    $TTL 604800
    @ IN SOA secondexam.com. secondexam.com. (
    # some numbers #);
    @ IN NS localhost.
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