Manager: Please make that text in plane white.

FullStackClown: Oooo, that's a tough one. What's plane white?

Manager: Are you serious? You literally don't know what the color white is?

FullStackClown: Well sure I know what white is, but I'm not sure what plane white is, there are dozens of airliners, and I'm sure they all have slightly different shades of what they are using for their light color in branding...

Manager: ...

FullStackClown: ...

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    I love plain plane
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    @jespersh ... right up until they turn plane white into pain white.
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    If they ask for white they get #FFFFFF
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    I started thinking of the color left behind when planing pine wood with a planer.
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    You take your role as a clown very seriously 😆
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    @jespersh if you put flying apparatuses on a flat surface - that's a plane plain.

    if it's empty, it's a plain plane plain.

    tha passenger aircraft taking you there is the plain plane plain plane.

    if that is made of wood and you need to work on it, you use a plain plane plain plane plane.

    the rest of the nonsense is left as an exercise for the students. (at least that's the plan)
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    @tosensei *atleast that's the plane
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    @thebiochemic well, maybe it's "plan E"
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    @tosensei thanks. It surely was not easy to explane.
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    That is how good managers detect devs that have already quit internally. You normally want to replace them as fast as possible and also try to find and fix the cause.
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    It's an eternal problem. Also make this color even whiter. Your white is not white enough.
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    Plane white is #VR0000M
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    I love this rant !
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    (y) (y) (y)
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