So, I'm a veteran. I served in the Army as an information system operator/analyst. Glorified help desk, set up some equipment in the field, a few other small things. But I can make fun of vets, other branches, and those serving. I've paid my dues, and they're OK with it. Hell, they all do it too. But you have to be a vet or currently serving.

I feel like that with tech too. My buddies and I call each other geeks/nerds all the time. I get annoyed (read as pissed off) when someone from the outside does it.

I got an email from a recruiter that said something along the lines of "..basically a bunch of really smart nerds building software..." What the actual fuck? Go eat an entire bag of dicks, and choke on every single one.

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    Thank you for your service.

    I am not a vet, but I love listening to vets tell jokes about each other. They have some of the best stories. I went to college with people who were in the military and ones that did church missions. Those 2 groups had the best stories.
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    > "But I can make fun of vets, other branches, and those serving. I've paid my dues, and they're OK with it."

    Yea, I'm surrounded with several from different branches and oh man, the Navy and Air Force guys are brutal with the insults.

    You'd think "Oh sh*t...these two are about to go to blows", but nope..a laugh and its back to normal.
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    I have a good friend who is a Marine. I said, "The Marines are basically a branch of the Navy right?" (This is a loaded question btw.) He responded: "Technically yes, but we like to think of ourselves as the men's department."
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    Yes... And no...

    It's the typical group psychology.

    A recruiter doesn't belong in the group, hence they shouldn't take part in it.

    I usually don't care - as long as someone doesn't start being "unintentionally intentionally offensive".

    Like "Ah the nerds, sitting all day in front of the computer, what a wonderful life".

    Which is insulting in my opinion.

    Don't know vets to be honest, but I kinda would expect to get my ass whooped asking a vet if doing a regular job wouldn't be a better choice...
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    I think recruiters don't "get it" so it's just cringe...
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    It’s more cringe to me too, like “ok fs why don’t you come down to the kitchen and cook with us then”
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    @Demolishun A close friend of mine would go back and forth with this sort of thing:

    "Army is for Ain't Really Marines Yet right?"

    "Could be, all things considered, Marines goes for My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment Sir! no?"

    "Yeah whatever, don't you have to train for your 30 push up PT event?"

    "oh smart one! here, have a crayola, red, your favorite"

    Etc etc, shit is always fun and we all crack up
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    @Demolishun but not afraid to call for a rescue when things go south. Gotta love a Navy Uber lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD I talked to a Navy guy about the Marines one time. He said they would be all lazing about the ship doing fuck all. But when they were signaled to they would lock down the entire ship in like 5 minutes. He said it was amazing to see how efficient they were.
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    The army should do that for recruiting. "Bombing nerds in other countries since the 1700s! Come join the fun ๐ŸŽ‰".
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    we're not the army the ground pounding army :P
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    sounds like the n-word situation, which always seemed weird to me.

    but in the context of what you said about vets and geeks, it actually makes sense to me.

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