If you ever feel dumb, remember that smartphones with 16GB+ RAM exist

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    Now I feel dumb for not feeling dumb 😕
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    If you feel dumb, imagine the devs creating the bloatware that need phones to have 16gb+
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    I'm happy with eight. No one needs more
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    I don’t feel dumb. Not at all in fact.
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    @C0D4 yeah like most of the hybrid or cross platform crap.
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    yes. 640kbyte should be enough for everybody.
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    @Lensflare sadly, the world we live in.

    These tools "frameworks" keep getting easier to work with, at the cost of being harder on resources.

    Somewhere along the line, the cost of an app shifted from the dev / company to the end user to be able to run it in the first place.

    But then, with all the "modern" devs i see these days, they don't know efficient or resource friendly code if it slapped in the ass.
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    @C0D4 soo, you're writing 100% efficient code in assembler by hand? ;)
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    @tosensei of course 😂

    I'm more meaning modern tools are getting sloppy with resource handling, and being combined with inefficient code standards.

    Like, DB queries, api calls, and other time expensive processes inside loops rather then doing a single call out.

    "We" as devs keep writing shit forsaken code, in shit forsaken frameworks and expect the end user to pay the price of "premium" in devices to make up the difference.
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    @tosensei no need to use assembler to have efficient code. With a proper language, the compiler can do great optimizations to make it comparable to assembler code or even better.
    Of course the compiler can’t optimize any shit that the dev throws at it. A certain degree of competence is still required from the dev.
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    Smartphones are just tiny laptops. So why shouldn't they be available with equal amounts of RAM - especially since RAM isn't as hard to squeeze into the small form factor as CPU and GPU power.

    Smartphones probably are evolving into universal compute modules fully replacing an office/gaming/workstation PC when docked or paired with adequate peripherals. Currently, the OSes and the cursed eco systems around them are the most limiting factors for that. Most people really don't need much CPU and GPU power, but i am sure, minimization of power consumption per computing work done will continue...
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    If you feel dumb, remember that the apple has a $999 pro stand.
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    We have an insane demand for software compared to the amount of good (not even great) devs out there.

    Corporate executives don't really care about good software so they're fine not understanding sh*t about technology and "solve" this problem with powerful hardware that can run shitty code.

    And finally since nobody cares about paying great devs for their greatness without pressing them like lemons, they eventually stop giving a shit too.

    Capitalism failing us again :D
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    yes why. But also why not
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    Need them to run a modern frontend
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    As long as the hardware industry will keep raising the offer of resources, the software industry will increse its demand

    But this will likely stop at some point, either by hard limits in physics, or by running out of semiconductors, either way, we kind of fucked this up
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    @C0D4 even more true.
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    @ars1 HTML5/CSS3/vanillajs
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    @Drunkzee yep so true
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    @Oktokolo smartphones are tiny laptop, it’s sad which the OS choice lies between an OS under a tyrannical control of the manufacturer and a OS which is bloated by design. I hope better systems emerge in future or just to get easier to install Linux distros for phones. 16GB of RAM to run Instagram and a bunch of bloat ware is a damn waste.
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